User Information

MarvellousMe is an ‘app’ that our teachers use to share wonderful news with you about your child’s/children’s learning and skills development.


The MarvellousMe Parent app is free, fun and simple to use. It will help you to:

  • have a meaningful conversation with your child about their school day;
  • continue your child’s learning and practise topics that they’ve done in class;
  • celebrate and reinforce their successes and positive behaviours.


You will be able to enjoy MarvellousMe on your smartphone, tablet or through an PC online, and you can easily share it with partners, carers and other family members.


We will send you a letter containing all the details of how you can sign up to MarvellousMe, and your special join code. If you haven't received your code or you'd like it again please just ask our School Office.


We think you will love it!


Top tip: Just remember to give us a 'Hi5' once you have read each message to let us know you have seen our message.