At Barwic Parade, History is taught as part of our two-year topic cycle as part of our creative curriculum and in line with the new national curriculum.


We aim to develop curious, enquiring minds and equip the children with the skills needed to investigate the past.


Through topics taught children gain knowledge and understanding of Britain and the wider world - drawing connections between local, regional, national and international events and historical figures.


In Key Stage One, children begin to have an awareness of the past and start to have an understanding of where people and events they study fit in to a chronological framework.  They investigate changes within living memory and significant events beyond this and learn about the lives on significant individuals.


As they move through Key Stage Two, children continue to develop their understanding of chronology, and begin to make connections, contrasts and discover trends in local history and that of the wider world.


In order to bring history alive for our children, we use a variety of sources, such as; photographs, pictures, documents and artefacts.  We also enhance teaching with visits, theme days and visiting speakers.