Religious Education

At Barwic Parade, we aim to give children an understanding of, and interest in, different major world faiths. Units from The North Yorkshire Religious Education Syllabus are used as a basis for our curriculum and we promote cross-curricular teaching and learning opportunities.


Year 3/4 Art- Architecture focus

Children are encouraged to think and reflect for themselves and we aim to foster a respect and tolerance for our local and global communities.


As a school, we celebrate the Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas and Easter, whilst also teaching and reflecting on festivals celebrated by other world religions. 

Year 1/2- Celebrating Diwali

Children's experience of different faiths is broadened by visits to places of worship and visiting faith speakers.  We have a strong link with Selby Salvation Army: Captain Ian and Captain Paula run an after-school club and regularly lead whole-school collective worship. We also link closely with Selby Abbey: Canon Weetman delivers workshops at the Abbey on a range of topics and leads collective worship in school on a regular basis.

Year 3/4- A Christmas Journey at Selby Abbey

All children in school have daily reflection time where they are given the opportunity to reflect on and discuss thoughts and feelings on a range of topics. 

Year 1/2- Reflection Time