Science at Barwic


At Barwic Parade, we aim to encourage all children to develop a curiosity for the world around them, asking their own questions and seeking their own answers. Through our cross-curricular planning approach, we aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum that allows children to explore the links between subjects and to establish an enthusiasm for scientific discovery. 


Science is taught each half term and an essential part of our planning is to ensure that connections are made between different subjects, including the use of skills developed as part of working scientifically. These skills can be adapted to every subject within the curriculum, encouraging investigation, self-discoveries and collaboration. It is also important that STEM opportunities are built into learning wherever possible to help put science into context and to encourage the problem-solvers of the future. We aim for all modules taught to be relevant, engaging and challenging, encouraging children to deepen their understanding as often as possible. 


By promoting an enthusiasm for science and a desire to learn and by making science lessons practical, interesting and interactive, we hope to pave the way for the next generation of scientists and engineers. 



After school science


This half term, we have been lucky enough to welcome a special visitor for an science workshop after school. This science workshop is run by Dr Pickles, a biomedical scientist, who is working with children from across the school on lots of scientific enquiries. They are learning lots of working scientifically skills too!





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Space week!

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We will be celebrating national space week across the school from the 7th October until the 11th October 2019. This is a week filled with really exciting opportunities, including an interactive virtual reality workshop to enrich the learning done in classes. There will also be a 'Super space film night' for each phase and different engineering competitions to take part in. We can't wait!