Dough Disco

Let's go to the Dough Disco!!!


Dough disco involves moulding and manipulating playdough in time to music, performing different actions such as rolling, splatting, squeezing and pinching. This activity helps to strengthen children's fine motor skills, pen/pencil grip and develop writing skills. 

Most of all, Dough Disco is FUN!!! We always make the playdough together so that the children can be part of the whole process. We love working as a team, collecting the ingredients and each taking a turn to add the ingredients and mix it all together! 



You could make your own playdough and have a disco at home, all you need is: 


 2 cups of plain flour

2 tbsp of salt 

1 cup of warm water

1 tbsp of vegetable oil 

1 tbsp of cream of tartar

A couple of drops of food colouring