Current Learning

You're in Europe! What's going on here?

The driver subject for this half term is geography, specifically countries and cities of Europe and why people might to choose to live in one place instead of another. We will be learning about the culture, history, food and entertainment of capital cities all across Europe.


Our Big Journey this half term will also involve sharpening some of our history skills, doing some cooking and learning some music from around Europe.



In English, we will be doing some senses poetry based on the seasons. We will then move onto to some fiction writing based on Alice in Wonderland - which is our school theme for Book Week and finish the half term by doing some work on our non-fiction writing.





We have an interesting half term coming up in maths: we start with fractions and then move onto mass, measurement and volume for year 3 and decimal numbers for year 4. 





Our science is taught using weekly objectives drawn from across the entire year 3/4 Science curriculum. Over the next few weeks, we will cover objectives from the following areas:

Changes of States








In outdoor PE lessons this half term we will be learning how to use a compass and read maps for a unit on orienteering. During our indoor lessons, we will be learning some gymnastics skills and using some of our exciting new gymnastics equipment.