"The carefully planned environment ensures children develop positive attitudes. They play and learn together, showing cooperation and confidence."

-Ofsted, 2022


Our Vision


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) is at the heart of our practice and provision. We passionately believe that children's emotional well-being and understanding underpins their future learning. During the week we have our own 'nurture groups' which are carefully planned to cater for all our children's emotional needs. During these group times, we explore the feelings of ourselves and others, what makes us happy and what makes us sad. We help children to understand and recognise their own feelings and express themselves freely. 


An emotionally enabling environment is also very important in supporting young people's well-being. Our room is mindfully structured with a 'home from home' feel with a child centred approach and calm decoration. All provision is equally accessible to all children and we strive to follow the interests of the children when designing our room and stocking up on exciting provision!  


Play is the most empowering tool when considering PSED. Through play, children can use their own imaginations and create their own play adventures based solely on their interests. We are always on hand to play alongside to further this learning and spark excitment!