Early Years

Barwic Parade Early Years


Early Years is the gateway to success. We are a 'home from home' Nursery room and Reception Class offering your children to best start in education. 





At Barwic Parade Early Years we put our children at the heart of everything we do. We believe that every child can do amazing things and it’s our job to help make this potential a reality. We are a dedicated,  highly skilled, and experienced team of Early Years  practitioners who are specifically  trained in early childhood development and passionate about providing a safe,  nurturing, enabling  learning environment in which our Nursery and Reception children can thrive. We aim to deliver an outstanding education and unlock doors to learning so that every child will be inspired and empowered throughout their Early Years learning journey and beyond.

     The Team


   Our Setting

Our setting has purposely been designed to offer open-ended experiences. Our provision is transformed on a daily basis the children's imagination and creative thinking. We encourage and motivate our children to take ownership and explore the environment through play whilst remembering our three whole school rules of being ready, respectful and safe.   


Our Early Years outdoor is spacious with plenty of room for our children to embrace the outdoors, all weathers. It is specifically used for big, heavy and awkward gross motor and large scale movement opportunities. Children can be free range and are encouraged to move our loose resources around creatively. In doing so,  they are building up those important shoulder and core muscles which is vital preparation for being able to sit upright and begin their mark-making journey. In addition the children are increasing their resilience, taking risks and developing full body strength and coordination. 


The children also get to explore our on-site forest on a weekly basis, where they learn to respect living things and nature through first-hand experiences as well as investigating the ongoing changes in seasons;  being open to the elements and  in touch with all of their senses. 




Our Ethos

In Early Years we recognise the importance of children being given as much time as possible outdoors  and to learn through play.  We have extended dedicated free play sessions every morning and afternoon to ensure that they can engage and immerse themselves fully in their exploratory play. We enhance our provision and plan activities on offer in line with what we are learning about as well as the children's own interests. Nursery and Reception staff work together to provide parity and progression across the three year groups, whilst  ensuring progression in key skills and in all areas of development. 


Our team take great pride in the relationships we develop with the children. It is always a privilege to see the love and care that our children develop for one another; the respect they gain for  belongings, resources and the environment. Our children thrive from the tailored support they are given and develop a love of learning in a nurturing, inspiring environment which develops their self-esteem, resilience, confidence and independence. 




Parent Partnership

Our parents enjoy daily opportunities to talk to the team. Both classes have their own Facebook private groups on which we share weekly photos and videos of what we have been up to,  as well as important advice, dates and tips. Reception class uses 'Marvellous Me' online to communicate with parents privately, as well as having planners as reading records to keep you up to date with your children's progress. 


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