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Home corner


"There is no place like home"

-L. Frank Baum


The home corner is a popular area of provision for our children and the opportunities for play are endless! The children often use the home corner as a form of expression; utilising their own home experiences within their imaginative play! Of course, the home corner is not always just a home corner. We have had shops, hospitals, post offices and much more that children thrive in exploring!



"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have someone on your side"

-Margaret Carty


The construction area provides children with many exciting learning opportunities. One of the most important opportunities is teamwork. Through active partnership with each other, the children build and create complex structures that require critical thinking and problem solving skills. This not only supports Physical Development, but also Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development too! 






"You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have" 

-Maya Angelou


Our creative area is the place of ultimate expression for our children. Through art and design, the children can fully embrace their creative genius whilst also harnessing integral fine motor skills! We provide the children with a wide and diverse range of materials and resources for them to explore and experiment with such as colour mixing and different forms of paint. We also expose the children to world art, different painting styles and approaches to creations that inspire them and carry their learning further. Junk modelling is also an important aspect of creative play, by attaching different materials together, the children do not just create their desired masterpieces, this also requires problem solving skills, flexible cognition and complex thought processes. 

Story Snug


"The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page."

-Rachel Anders


Our story snug is an inviting, cosy area for the children to relax and unwind in. You will often find our little people snuggled up, exploring many different books. We gradually build up our story snug with core texts that we focus on through out our learning journey. This enables the children to dive into our stories during their play, make links to plot lines, characters and come up with their own ideas. This not only inspires children to read, it also helps them to build their own narratives and become creative thinkers! 

Water Play


"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water"

-Loren Eiseley 


Water play helps to develop and strengthen children's gross and fine motor skills. Children enhance their coordination through lifting, pouring, carrying and splashing. Water play is an enjoyable sensory experience which also promotes the development of children's 'space, shape and measure' knowledge, comparing and measuring amounts of water.




Let there be light!


Our light box zone is a popular area of provision that provides children with lots of magical learning opportunties. Creativity is one of the many benefits that light box exploration provides. By exploring resources on the light box, the children will develop the ability to see beyond colour and shape. The light box creates new dimensions for children to discover what is in front of them; helping them develop vital problem solving skills, create different versions of the same things and moreover, increase their discovery senses. 

Fine-motor development is also supported through light box exploration. Through the use and experimentation of small, sensory resources, the children create complex and diverse structures and patterns that enhance muscle development in the hands.