Welcome to Nursery! 


We're the Little Sparkles!


We have a lot to learn in Nursery and love to create our own learning opportunities through exploration and play!

Meet our team

Miss Bryony Chapman - Class Teacher

Miss Chapman has been the Nursery teacher at Barwic for the last 5 years. She trained to be a teacher in London but the pull of Yorkshire was far too strong and she bounced straight back. Miss Chapman loves all things creative, active and natural and spends her free time making pots, decorating her home and going for walks. Miss Chapman has recently come across the children's show Kiri and Lou, she loves the way it explores feelings that children come across and shows them how to cope with these in a wonderfully hilarious way. One of Miss Chapman's favourite children's books is 'Walking through the Jungle' by Julie Lacome. She loves this because it gives everyone opportunity to move in different ways and explore making animal sounds.

Miss Lucie Birdsall - Advanced Teaching Assistant                                                    Miss Birdsall has been a teaching assistant at Barwic Parade for four years, in Reception and now in Nursery. She is currently studying for a degree in Children's Learning and Development in York as well. Her favourite things to do include going to the beach and cooking. She's recently started running but can't run very far yet! She loves going for walks and bike rides with her family too. Miss Birdsall's favourite book is 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' and she loves all of the Narnia stories. She read them when she was younger and as an adult too!

Mrs Amy Kelly- PPA cover teacher

Mrs Kelly has taught in different schools in North and East Yorkshire, she started teaching at Barwic Parade in March 2019. Mrs Kelly works in different classes all across the school and joins us in nursery on Wednesday mornings. Mrs Kelly lives locally with her husband and two young daughters. Together love anything and everything to do with arts and crafts, they also enjoy the great outdoors especially, Dalby Forest which they visit regularly. Mrs Kelly loves everything Disney and her favourite films are Aladdin and The Lion King. Mrs Kelly has a real passion for reading her favourite author is Dan Brown although, she has recently read The Wizard of Once trilogy by Cressida Cowell which she thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait for the fourth book to be released in September!

We have lots of fun in Nursery, learning in our beautiful environment, filled with awe, wonder and opportunities to explore. The children have over an hour of protected child-led learning time, with access to both indoors and out, when our children can be curious and become wholly engrossed in their learning experiences. Adults are always on hand to support and elevate the learning within the children's play. 


We carefully design our curriculum so that it offers exciting and inspiring opportunities for all children to learn and develop. Although we have overarching themes, these are not rigid and we will follow children's interests when they arise. Our curriculum overview for this year can be found below.


For any enquiries about joining our setting, please call the school office on 01757 705591

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