Welcome to Rainbow Class -where everybody matters and every moment counts!



Welcome to Rainbow Class 2021!


In Rainbow Class we put our children at the heart of everything we do. We believe that every child can do amazing things and it’s our job to help make this potential a reality by delivering an outstanding education which meets children where they are in their stages of development and unlocking doors to learning so that every child will be inspired and empowered throughout their Reception learning journey and beyond. 


Our team of experienced Early Years  practitioners  are specifically  trained in early childhood development and passionate about each child reaching their maximum potential in a safe,  nurturing, enabling  learning environment.  



Our Ethos

Learning takes place from the minute we come through the door. Every interaction is a learning opportunity and every moment counts. We have lots of fun and magical learning through meaningful play and experiences. Recognising the importance of children’s mental health, wellbeing and physical development, we dedicate as much time as possible outdoors and learning through play.  These blocked magic time (freeflow) sessions every morning and afternoon ensure that our children have ample opportunity to engage and immerse themselves fully in their exploratory play, using and applying their new knowledge in order for learning to stick. We enhance our provision and plan activities on offer in line with current learning,  as well as children's own interests.


Our Curriculum 

In Reception our curriculum is  bespoke and  unique to each cohort in our  diverse local community. We offer a broad and balanced, yet ambitious curriculum that meets the specific needs of our children through a holistic,  child-centred approach.  All the experiences and opportunities that we offer are specifically designed to  provide our children with  the knowledge and skills  they will need by the end of their year in Reception and to best prepare them  for the transition into Key Stage 1. This is done through systematic whole class interactive key skills sessions; small group interactive activities and child-led sessions.


We recognise that children of Reception age need as much fresh air and movement as possible and we embrace nature; the every changing weather; seasons; natural resources and all living things. We are proud to be an authentic,   all-weather setting with our own forest area right on the doorstep! 


Look below to see what we've been up to already!


Rainbow Class Daily Routine
08:50-09:00We meet and greet all children, who are warmly  welcomed into school and independently sign in, put their belongings away and join in with our morning activity. We enjoy dough disco; Squiggle While You Wiggle (large floor level mark-making and flapper dancing), yoga and mini-whiteboard art across the week.
09:00-09:30Carpet session: Daily discussion on which day was yesterday, what is today and what tomorrow will be? What date it was yesterday, what it will be today and tomorrow. We clap and/or step the number. Look at the visual timetable for the day and introduce any special focus/provision. We then look at our Book of the Week together. 

Magic time (children's choice learning through play)

Writing group. 1:1 readers/interventions/shared sustained thinking 

10:45-11:00Pick up time- putting things back where they belong and see who picks up the mystery object! 

Phonics - reviewing all the letters taught, introducing a new phoneme;  sound-talking words beginning with that phoneme (oral segmenting and blending practice) - link to real objects or pictures;  hiding the new letter and reading all the letters; reading words with the new grapheme in and then having a go at writing it - large in the air several times, on mini whiteboards and then in our phonics jotters with lined paper and a pencil.  

Finally we enjoy a letter dance with the new sound. 

We also teach a sight word each week and practice all the ones we have learned too. 

11:45-12:45Lunch time with Nursery children in our setting and dedicated Early Years dinner team 
12:45-13:15Maths warm up with a song or an online challenge eg random numbers or subitising, followed by an interactive and kinaesthetic maths concept which involves children independently or working in pairs or groups to complete.

Magic time

(Children's choice learning through play)

1:1 readers/interventions/shared sustained thinking 

Maths group activity.

14:30-14:45Pick up time- putting things back where they belong and see who picks up the mystery object! 

Review all sounds taught. Review all numbers taught in order and at random. Enjoy a paperbook story read by an adult connected to our day. Look at some of the learning we have been doing though photos or videos. 

Celebrate children who are on gold - what did they do to get there? 

Online songs/stories while children independently get ready for home. 


Home time


NB: Forest afternoon every Tuesday and  PE/Music and Spanish every Thursday afternoon

Every Child a Reader!


We love reading and want our children to become confident readers as soon as possible. 


Our phonics journey starts straight away in Reception, where we enjoy key stories together  every day and share books with the children to enjoy at home with their families every week. 


We communicate with our parents through our private class Facebook group, where we can share links to great online activities and resources that we use in class, as well as tips and strategies for supporting reading and other learning opportunities at home too. 


We have a phonics party in the first term to show our parents exactly how we teach phonics, including the importance of  pure sounds articulation.  This also explains how we match our reading scheme books exactly to their child's phonic knowledge, why we need to re-read books a few times, demonstrated how to support their child's independent reading and  ideas for using at home which help practice the letters and sounds that we cover. 


All of our children have a planner in which we record which reading book they have been given; the sounds they are working on next and more tips for supporting this at home. We expect all children to read for 5 minutes every day and for the parents to initial in the planners each time this happens. For every 25 reads together at home, each child receives a special reading certificate! 


In our planners we also record when children are on gold, with a gold star sticker and why they have achieved this.    Reading makes us brainy! 

We carefully design our curriculum each year so that it offers exciting and inspiring hands-on opportunities for our current cohort of children to learn the knowledge they need in Reception across all 17 areas of learming; opportunities to revisit these over the year and make important connections and links and develop key skills. Although we have overarching themes, these are not rigid and we will follow children's interests as and when they arise, making learning fluid and having connections wherever possible. We make sure that include personal cultures, celebrations and geographical links within our cohort, in addition to the festivals, historical events and celebrations that happen every year. 


Our current curriculum overview for this year can be found below:                                                            

Educational Programmes Across All Areas of Learning In Reception

Meet Our Team!

Mrs Ayed - EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher

Hi everyone! I was born in Leeds and I  have taught in primary schools in Leeds, York and  Selby over the last 20 years. This is my sixth year here at Barwic Parade. I always wanted to be a teacher since I can remember, but I worked in Public Relations writing for newspapers and organising press opportunities and events management previously.  I am a mum of two grown-up daughters. Levi works in London as a wedding dress consultant. Edenne is a cake designer and baker as well as a mum, which means I also have two lovely granddaughters aged 4 and 10 who keep me up to date and on my toes!


I love languages and I can speak French, Spanish, German and some Arabic, as well as lots of different accents! As a child, I  fell in love with Enid Blyton’s collection of magical adventures in ‘The Faraway Tree’ and I still love reading these to my class to this day. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to become a teacher, I  would have loved to have been an actress and I still hope to write my own children's story one day! I'm  a lover of the moon, stars and rainbows in no particular order!   I also  love being outdoors and sharing my  love of nature, the seasons and our amazing animal kingdom with our children.


My secret claim to fame is that I was in A Touch of Frost playing a policewoman, many moons ago! smiley

Miss Fawcett-  Teaching Assistant

Hi everyone! I am from North Yorkshire and I joined the Early Years team here at Barwic Parade in October last year.   I currently live with my family and Lola the tortoise who I have had since I was 5 years old. Lola loves coming to school to see all her friends in Early Years!


I love spending time with my family and friends, going out for nice meals. My favourite story was and still is ‘The Gruffalo', which I know lots of our class love too!   You probably won't believe this, but my absolute favourite TV programme is Spongebob Squarepants, which I still watch with my dad even though I am a grown up! 

Mr Crump - PPA Teacher 

Hi everyone! I get to spend every Thursday afternoon with you lovely lot!  Originally from Cambridge,   I now live with my wife and two children in York. I have  been teaching for over  10 years now.  I  spend a lot of my  spare time building Lego with my two boys, as well as making my own music on my  computer and being a DJ at weekends! 


Before teaching I worked in computing, and  I'm told I'm a dab hand with any computer issues. I've  also been known to design the odd website. . I love travelling abroad with my family, especially for the food!


I grew up with a love of comics, and I've  recently been re-watching all the Marvel films in order with my own children. I love the books of Oliver Jeffers and in particular his book “Stuck”. cool

Please see our individual class pages for a full photo montage of our learning so  far this year! 

Our Prestigious Platinum Certificates!