Barwic Parade Community Primary School is a school that embraces the Thrive approach. The Thrive Approach is a specific way of working with all children that supports emotional and social well-being. The Thrive Approach has taught us how to be and what to do in response to young people's different and sometimes challenging behaviour, providing targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage with life and learning.

Tuning in

EVERYBODY, no matter what their background - where they grew up, who their parents were, what materialistic things they could access - has holes in their emotional development. Interrupted emotional development underpins many troubling behaviours and can often lead to under-achievement. The carefully designed Thrive activities enable us as a school to fill the gaps for children to ensure they access learning and develop into well-rounded citizens. We will always share the children's Thrive journeys with you and help you to be part of it too!
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It is important that as Teachers and Parents we recognise that the behaviour that we observe each and everyday is a communicator. The behaviours the children display are telling us something and the way in which we respond to such behaviours is a significant part of the Thrive practice adopt.

Children at Barwic complete their Thrive journeys through one-to-one, group and whole class sessions. All children accessing Thrive on a one-to-one are assessed individually in order to ensure they have a personalised plan tailored to meet their needs.

Responding to those behaviours

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