Barwic's Library

Text introducing the library and why it's so important.

How to get started?

Here is a short video from Miss Parkhill with the basics of how to get started using our online library software.

Late & lost book charges

Your child will be able to borrow our books for 2 weeks at a time before they need to be brought back in and renewed. It's really important to us that our books are valued and looked after so it's important to note that  


if a book is lost or damaged, you will be charged for the cost of a replacement book. If books are returned late, there will be a £0.50 charge for every week that the book is late being returned (up to a maximum charge of £2 per book). After 4 weeks, if a book has not been returned then it will be assumed that the book has been lost and you will be charged the cost of the book (less the late fee) so we can replace the book in our library.