Our Restorative Practice / Thrive School prides itself on the outstanding level of mutual respect observed in both children and adults alike. The children have strong self belief and know that they will always be well supported to achieve their goals.



At Barwic Parade, we believe that all children are entitled to a curriculum which is fun, engaging. A curriculum which provides rich and varied learning opportunities and experiences regardless of need or disability. We are passionate about instilling a lifelong love of learning for all. We believe that it is vital that our children are equipped with the tools needed to become independent learners both in and out of the classroom; our curriculum allows children to make links and connections between subjects helping learners to deepen understanding and remember it in the future. Barwic Parade is an inclusive school; we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of all learners. We ensure that our classrooms meet the needs of pupils with SEND in order for them to engage in all activities available and so that they are fully included with children and young people in the school.



Through our high quality planning, teaching and provision we pride ourselves on early identification and intervention for SEND to ensure that progress and opportunities are maximized. We aim to make sure that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is differentiated where appropriate to enable children to access all of the curriculum with their peers effectively. The learning environments are accessible to all children and are tailored to the individual needs of children as required. In order for our children to become successful throughout their whole journey of education we aim to develop children’s independence at every opportunity, this helps them to feel confident and to flourish. Quality First Teaching and high quality support for learning within mainstream lessons is key to helping pupils with SEND to make good progress alongside their peers. Every lesson is carefully planned to ensure all pupils are accounted for; Barwic Parade ensures all pupils make rapid progress by guaranteeing that all children access Quality First Teaching every lesson of every day. We regularly monitor the progress of children with SEND where we work in partnership with parents and carers. We work closely with external agencies and other professionals to hone and develop our provision for children with SEND.



At Barwic Parade, every teacher is a teacher of SEND. We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive school where every child accesses everything! Everybody matters and every moment counts! At Barwic Parade, pupils with SEND are: included in all aspects of the school day; provided with quality first teaching differentiated/supported to their needs; respected; valued and acknowledged for their contributions to learning. At Barwic Parade, pupils with SEND may have specific 1:1 or small group intervention to support their learning and progress. They will be supported through the Thrive approach at all times and small group or 1:1 Thrive sessions will be offered to those children who have interruptions within their developmental strands. SEND children who require further input to support their development within Speech, Language and Communication will access intervention from their class Teaching Assistant led by the Speech and Language Therapist who supports the school. The SENCo works alongside external agencies such as an Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, CAMHs and the SEN Hub in order to ensure that children with SEND receive robust and timely intervention.



Children at Barwic Parade feel happy, safe and valued. Behaviour at Barwic Parade is good and the growing diversity of the school is celebrated. Children are engaged and motivated to learn in order to be the best that they can be and they take their love of learning onto their next chapter. Children with SEND make progress during their Primary Years and leave Barwic Parade with good independence and a readiness for secondary school.

SEN Spotlight - A Newsletter providing insight into specific areas of Special Educational Needs

SEND Information Report - Special Educational Needs and your child – Barwic Parade Local Offer


A child is defined as having Special Educational Needs (SEN) if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made or if he or she finds it much harder to learn than children of the same age.

If you require any information regarding SEND, or have any concerns or queries about the SEN support that is provided to your child, please contact our Inclusion Leader; Becky Kirkland on 01757 705591 or you can email Our SEND governor is Dawn Hardy.

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