​​​​​​​How is the decision made about how much support my child will receive?

Barwic Parade is an inclusive school; we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of all learners. We ensure that our classrooms meet the needs of pupils with SEND in order for them to engage in all activities available and so that they are fully included with children and young people in the school. Should we feel that something additional or different is needed to support your child because they may have a Special Educational Need; we will explore and discuss this carefully with you.


Barwic Parade ensures all pupils make rapid progress by guaranteeing that:


All children:

Access Quality First Teaching every lesson of every day. If your child is not making progress and the gap between them and their peers is widening then your child would take part in an intervention. We identify children needing additional and different provision through; clear analysis of the pupil’s needs taking account of teacher’s assessment, monitoring rate of progress, observing individual’s development and considering attainment and behaviour.


All children:

Access targeted teacher intervention from their class teacher whom addresses need and carefully plans opportunities to ensure children make rapid progress within each and every lesson.


All children:

Access interventions that take place within a small group, addressing specific needs. These are usually led by a fully trained Teaching Assistant and last for around 6 weeks.


If they are still not making progress in class;


Some children:

Access intervention in a 1:1 situation. Smart targets are developed through an Individual Provision Map and the child will be listed as SEND. Support from a Teaching Assistant may be deployed if this is thought to be beneficial. This is by no means always the case and would be considered if there was a need to make adaptations to the curriculum for pupils to access learning. Most importantly, this support should be aiming to make your child more independent in lessons. More long term class support would be discussed in review meetings and through structured conversations.


We use a range of interventions to support pupils with SEND to make better progress. Interventions are structured learning programmes. We can explain to you:

• what interventions your child is receiving and what the intended learning outcomes are

• when during the week any interventions will be delivered and for how many weeks

• who will be delivering the interventions (usually a well-trained teaching assistant)

• where the intervention will take place (e.g. in class or outside the classroom)

• how the interventions will relate to and support learning in the classroom

• how they will be monitored closely to make sure they are helping your child to make accelerated progress.


Where interventions take place outside of the classroom they will always be for a short period of time so that pupils can return to their classrooms and access quality first teaching together with their peers. They will always take place during the afternoon to ensure children never miss their English and Maths lesson. Lessons are vibrant and lively and will include visual, audio and kinaesthetic approaches to teaching and to learning.


All assessment data is stored within O-track which is our school information system. Children are assessed against every objective to measure their progress which is then classified as emerging, expected or exceeding. Assessment is undertaken every day, with formative assessments made on a half termly basis.