Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle

Squiggle whilst you wiggle is a fun and engaging pre-writing tool that supports muscle development which helps children to mark make, draw and write when they transition into Reception. 


We take part in squiggle whilst you wiggle every week, concentrating on different movements. We do circles, lines (up and down, horizontal and verticle), humps and wavy lines which all help to kickstart the children's writing journey. We do this along to some of our favourite music to make it extra fun! 




We carry this activity out in main stages:

1. Wiggle-Using two pieces of material, one in each hand, the children make specific shapes in different ways. 

2. Squiggle-We then move to paper, holding a pen in each hand, we mark make the shapes we created with the material. 





You can do squiggle whilst you wiggle at home. All you need is: 


1. Material (scarves, tea towels etc) 

2. Big piece of paper 

3. Two chunky pens

4. Some fun music to boogie to!!


There are some fun squiggle whilst you wiggle videos on YouTube for you to look at and follow!