How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

Parents are invited to attend and contribute to the review meetings which we hold for children. With parental guidance, the meetings will evaluate the effectiveness of the current provision made for your child. Discussion will be driven by how well the child is responding to what is currently in place. We will also analyse the Individual Provision Map in place for your child and the current expectations of them which will lead us in to further explore how they will to achieve this.


We use The Graduated Response model to ensure we meet the needs of young people with SEND. Within this model we follow four phases - Assess/Plan/Do/Review, a brief overview is provided below.



  • pupil’s own views
  • views and experience of parents
  • clear analysis of the pupil’s needs taking account of teacher’s assessment
  • experience of the pupil
  • previous progress and attainment
  • rate of progress
  • attainment and behaviour
  • individual’s development
  • advice from external support services


Assessment is reviewed regularly ensuring that support and intervention are matched to need and barriers to learning are identified and overcome. 



  • formal notification of the agreed provision
  • agree and make adjustments
  • interventions and support put in place
  • expected impact on progress, development or behaviour
  • clear date for review
  • all relevant staff made aware of needs, outcomes sought, support provided
  • teaching strategies or approaches required put in place
  • evidence based intervention delivered by skilled staff to meet specific needs
  • parents contribute to progress at home


This information will be recorded in a document for you and your child, known as an individual provision map. This will include:-• details of any strategies being used to support your child in class; • details of any extra support or interventions for your child; • your child’s learning targets; • the next date when your child’s progress will be reviewed.



  • Class Teacher remains responsible
  • work closely with teaching assistants or specialist staff involved
  • continual planning and assessment of the impact
  • links to classroom teaching
  • further assessment
  • continually ensuring effective implementation of support​


  • views of the pupil and their parents sought
  • review in line with the agreed date
  • impact and quality evaluated
  • analysis of the pupil’s needs
  • revision of the support
  • clear information provided
  • plan next steps


Children will be involved within these meetings to share their views of the progress they have made and suggest future actions.