SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural)

At Barwic Parade we recognise that the personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. We therefore aim to provide an education that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, high standards of personal behaviour, a positive, caring attitude towards other people, an understanding of their social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of the cultures in the United Kingdom and the wider world.


Our general aims are to ensure:


  • that everyone connected with the school is aware of our aims, values and ethos.
  • a consistent approach to the development of SMSC understanding throughout the curriculum and the general life of the school.
  • that a pupil’s education is set within a context that is meaningful and appropriate to their age, aptitude and background.
  • that pupils know what is expected of them and why.
  • we give each pupil a range of opportunities to reflect upon and discuss their beliefs, feelings and responses to personal experience.
  • we enable pupils to develop an understanding of their individual and group identity.
  • we enable pupils to begin to develop an understanding of their social and cultural environment, and an appreciation of the many cultures that enrich our society.
  • we give each pupil the opportunity to explore social and moral issues, and develop a sense of social and moral responsibility.