The intention of the Geography curriculum at Barwic Parade is to provide children with the opportunity to explore the world that we live in and it’s people with interest, curiosity and inquisitiveness. Geography provokes and provides answers about the physical natural and human world. This inevitably allows children to develop their understanding of this environment and their place within it. Through our teaching we will equip children with the geographical skills required to develop their knowledge of the natural world. Fortnightly, geography lessons provide children with the opportunities to develop their practical skills as well as knowledge base covering the topics of: Geographical skills and fieldwork, locational knowledge, place knowledge and human and physical geography.


Geography is taught fortnightly across the school in hour-long sessions and is done as part of our mixed-age curriculum. As such, planning works in a way that objectives for each year group are covered over a two cycle.  Our geography curriculum is based upon our reflections of the National Curriculum content as well as ensuring cultural capital allowing further depth to children’s geographical exploration.

Children across the school learn about a new topic every two weeks. These topics are then revisited at specific intervals to refresh previous knowledge and deepen understanding. Through this approach, children are able to make links between different aspects of geography allowing for the transference of skills across the topic and other curriculum areas. This will be further enhanced through the use of our newly installed classroom maps. During the teaching of other curriculum subjects teachers will make the link to geography explicit using the map as a reference. Children will also have access to a range of age appropriate resources such as globes and atlases, this also includes online resources such as google earth and google maps through use of our Ipads and Chromebooks.


Assessments are planned into the curriculum in order to inform teaching which in turns helps support our children.

Children will leave Barwic Parade Community Primary School with an awareness and understanding of their local area, the United Kingdom and the wider world.

Pupil Voice

Throughout the school children were recently asked identical questions about their learning in Geography. There answers are below:


Upper Key Stage Two

What does Geography mean to you?

Most children told me that geography was learning about different countries, the world and landmarks.


Tell me about the big map in your classroom.

Children identified  it was a world map and used the correct vocabulary when describing it: hemisphere, continents, countries etc. One child said ‘It helps you to figure out where different places are’. They also told me about the places that they have been studying in different curriculum areas with places such as: Poland, Germany and Africa highlighted. 


Tell me about your Geography learning so far this year.

When asked about their learning children told me about biomes, grasslands and landmarks


Lower Key Stage Two

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Key Stage One

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