Literacy at Barwic Parade


At Barwic Parade, we believe passionately that an excellent foundation in Literacy is essential for all children. Literacy includes the key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We believe that literacy skills stem from a love of books. We surround the children with books in all areas of the curriculum.



Learning to Read:

In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we focus on learning to read. Phonics teaching ensures children learn about what sound different letters or groups of letters make in the English language. This helps them to read words and is the foundation stone of reading.

We use Phonics Bug and Bug Club books to support reading development in school. These books are closely linked to the sounds the children have learnt in Phonics to ensure they can read their home reading books. Guided Reading sessions in school support the children to develop their understanding of what they read in Key Stage 1. The children have access to online books through Bug Club Online.


Reading to Learn:

In Key Stage 2 the focus moves to reading to learn. Children further develop their comprehension skills through using Bug Club Comprehension in Years 3, 4 and 5. They also have access to these books online at home.


In Year 6, the children access a wide range of texts across the curriculum and are given the opportunity to further develop their love of reading through accessing texts in their classroom reading area as well as texts they choose at home. Book Talk and Guided Reading sessions support their comprehension development.


Talk 4 Writing is used as our approach to the teaching of writing throughout the school.


This approach allows children to learn a text through the use of a visual Text Map during the Imitate stage. This allows them to internalise new vocabulary and the structure of different texts.


During the Innovate stage, children are able to adapt and change this learnt structure and vocabulary to begin to make it their own.


Children are then given the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt independently during the Invent stage.  We strive to give children a range of purposes to write for as well as providing them with audiences for their writing. 


Writing skills are used across the curriculum to ensure children understand the importance of writing skills across all areas of learning. 


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation is taught through a range of activities including through the Talk 4 Writing text and through Grammar Jumpstarts which cover the Grammar curriculum for each year group whilst focusing on key grammar and punctuation skills linked to different text types.

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