Our Photos!

The Big Barwic Bake-off!

The Big Barwic Bake-off! 1 Lovely cream-filled profiteroles made by Alicia!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 2 Chocolate Honeycomb made by Aya and her family!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 3 Charlie's Chocolate Cookies look delicious!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 4 Marcus baked chocolate muffins- yum!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 5 Tia's patisserie-style chocolate and vanilla cake!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 6 Kayden's rainbow buns and chocolate button cake!
The Big Barwic Bake-off! 7 Evie's cheesecake looks scrumptious!

Famous Masterpiece Challenge!

Famous Masterpiece Challenge! 1 Annabelle's Circle abstract painting by Bruce Gray
Famous Masterpiece Challenge! 2 Ollie has created a fact-file about Pablo Picasso

English at Home

English at Home 1 Emilia sorting Real and Alien words in phonics.
English at Home 2 Ollie is reading fluently with great expression.
English at Home 3 Warren is working hard on his letter formation.
English at Home 4 Ollie's Lockdown poem.

Maths at Home

Maths at Home 1 Ollie completed his 'Telling the Time' challenge!
Maths at Home 2 Ollie's fantastic work on 2D shapes!

Other learning!

Other learning! 1 Finlay's 'Stay Safe Butterfly' for Key Workers!
Other learning! 2 Caylee & her sister Morgan having fun in the sun!
Other learning! 3 Leo planted a European Horse Chestnut tree!
Other learning! 4 Ollie learning how to be a Lock-keeper!