Our Photos!

The Big Barwic Bake-off!

Lovely cream-filled profiteroles made by Alicia!
Chocolate Honeycomb made by Aya and her family!
Charlie's Chocolate Cookies look delicious!
Marcus baked chocolate muffins- yum!
Tia's patisserie-style chocolate and vanilla cake!
Kayden's rainbow buns and chocolate button cake!
Evie's cheesecake looks scrumptious!

English at Home

Emilia sorting Real and Alien words in phonics.
Ollie is reading fluently with great expression.
Warren is working hard on his letter formation.
Ollie's Lockdown poem.

Other learning!

Finlay's 'Stay Safe Butterfly' for Key Workers!
Caylee & her sister Morgan having fun in the sun!
Leo planted a European Horse Chestnut tree!
Ollie learning how to be a Lock-keeper!
Ollie's Space Adventure!

Maths at Home

Ollie completed his 'Telling the Time' challenge!
Ollie's fantastic work on 2D shapes!

Famous Masterpiece Challenge!

Annabelle's Circle abstract painting by Bruce Gray
Ollie has created a fact-file about Pablo Picasso