At Barwic Parade we learn that music is a universal language that embodies the highest form of creativity. We believe in inspiring pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. Studies have recently suggested that pupils attainment in other subjects are raised by the discipline  playing or singing together makes.


We aim to give all pupils a chance to perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.


They learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, they have the opportunity to learn an instrument. They understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including through the inter-related dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations.


This Summer term we have some exciting events to look forward to

 21st & 22nd June-A number of our talented pupils will be representing our school at the Young Musician Competition.


July- We will be holding a whole school music day where every class will have the opportunity to participate in fun and engaging musical activities. Further details will be made available nearer to the time.


Young Voices 2018 is now booked! Information and dates to follow but practise will commence shortly!



Take a look at some of the music our classes will cover this half term-Summer 2017


Foundation-'Big Bear Funk'

In this unit pupils will be learning about rhythm, pulse and pitch in fun and engaging ways.

They will use their voices, bodies and a range of musical instruments to develop an understanding of the dimensions.


Year 1/2-'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

This is a cross curricular unit as it is linked to the current topic (Into the Woods) and will incorporate English, reading and drama skills.

The children will be singing this popular story using a variety of actions and instruments. We even have the use of our very own forest area to bring this unit to life!


Year 3/4-'Musicals'

This unit will be building on previous learning by following on from their amazing Lion King Performance. The children will be taking a modern fairy tale and turning it into a modern musical.

The children will use ICT to research songs and the structure of musicals, use English skills to innovate songs and explore signals and notations.


Year 5/6-'Saying Goodbye'

As the end of the year is fast approaching, our wonderful year 6's will be saying goodbye.

They will be choosing a range of songs to perform to the whole school and of course to parents. This will remain top secret! However, we can say that there will not be a dry eye in the school!

Bring tissues!

In addition to the Music Curriculum Barwic Parade works alongside other providers to give Barwic Parade pupils access to music tutition.


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