Achievement Awards for the Summer Term


Year 3


Reading- Aimee-Leigh

Writing- Julia

Maths- William

Overall progress- Amelia and Aidan


Year 4


Reading- Reece

Writing- Alfie

Maths- Taylor

Overall progress- Juliette and Billy


A big well done to all of the children in my class this year. They have all worked extremely hard and I am very proud of all of them.

Star of the week!


23rd June 2017- Aimee for her excellent effort in writing.


9th June 2017- Amelia is star of the week this week for always trying her best and working her hardest. She has been really challenging herself in maths in our work on lines and angles.


26th May 2017- Congratulations to Juliette for writing a brilliant innovated nonsense poem based on the "Owl and the Pussycat" in her very best presentation.

Gold Reading Awards


Congratulations to the following children for achieving their gold reading award this half term by reading every day at home. They have all earned themselves a free book to enjoy!


Well done to:









Keep up the hard work!

Achievement certificates for Autumn Term:


Year 3

Reading- Darci Alloway

Writing- Katie Waring

Maths- Lacey Wadsworth

Overall Progress- Alex Dungey


Year 4

Reading- Kayden Brown

Writing- Jessica Smith

Maths- Kane MacCallaugh

Overall Progress- Oskar Poprawski