DT Week!

The design brief: To innovate a plain white t-shirt into something that expresses your personality and the things that are important to you.

Here are some of the children's brilliant final products!

Picture 1 Julia
Picture 2 Francesca
Picture 3 Charlotte
Picture 4 Tyler
Picture 5 Aimee
Picture 6 Eloise
Picture 7 Mya
Picture 8 Marley
Picture 9 Millie
Picture 10 Maison
Picture 11 Harvey
Picture 12 Amelia
Picture 13 Lacey
Picture 14 Aidan
Picture 15 Katie
Picture 16 Alex
Picture 17 David
Picture 18 Curtis
Picture 19 William
Picture 20 Olivia and Summer
Picture 21 Caleb and Blake

Star of the week!


Summer 2 Term 2018


3/4P- Well done to Aidan and Lacey for being superstars this week. They have both been working extremely hard and challenging themselves in maths lessons.


3/4L- Well done to Sienna and Eduard for their hard work this week. Eduard has  not only worked hard this week but has also made amazing progress this year with his maths.


3/4LV- Well done to Charlie B and Mathilda for putting in lots of effort this week. Charlie has also earned her handwriting pen because of her lovely presentation.

Summer reading awards


Congratulations to the following children for achieving their gold reading award for reading at home at least 4 times a week.


Alex Dungey,

Mya Merrick

Julia Motylewska

Lacey Wadsworth

Katie Waring

Aidan Hill

Francesca Atkinson