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Our driver subject for this half term is history and our topic is "Ancient Egypt". We will be studying Ancient Egypt, exploring what life was like and how times have changed since then. Our guided question encourages us to think about whether Ancient Egypt was "Awesome or Average?". 


Our secondary subject will be maths. We plan to do lots of problem solving, including making a pyramid out of biscuits!






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In our English lessons we will be looking at storytelling using our sentence stacking approach. We will also be celebrating poetry week and writing instructions linked to Ancient Egypt.




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We will be learning about place value. This includes partitioning numbers, representing them in different ways and counting forwards and backwards in multiples like 100, 1000, 50 and 25. We will also be learning about Roman numerals and negative numbers. Towards the end of half term, we will begin to learn about written addition and subtraction strategies.




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Thrive lessons will be taught every Friday as a class. We will be calling this "jellyfish time" and it will focus on different areas of social and emotional wellbeing each week.