Current Learning

Topic Work

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Our subject driver for this half term is Science and our topic is "Brilliant Bodies". We will be studying nutrition, teeth, skeletons and how our digestive systems work. Our guiding question is "How is your body an amazing machine?".


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In our English lessons we will be looking at poetry in the form of Haikus and Kennings. Both are short poems with specific rules to be followed and originate from different countries. We will also be linking our English to topic work by writing some spooky stories inspired by the book "Funny Bones". 



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We will be learning about fractions and decimals before moving on to looking at money and measurements. 



Our science lessons will be taught in conjunction with our topic lessons and we will be focusing on Animals including Humans. 



In PSHCE this half term we will be focussing on the topic "Me and my future".

We will also being taking part in a number of different 'Thrive' activities once a week where we will be focusing on practical strategies to deal with emotions, better relationships and team work.