Current Learning

Luminous Lights!


In our topic work, our driver subject for this half term is Science. We will be studying both electricity and light during this topic. Our goal is to create our own working torches and use them to create a shadow puppet performance!



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In our English lessons we will be looking at storytelling using our sentence stacking approach. We will also be taking part in a book study of "The Night Shimmy" and writing our own poetry based on Pie Corbett's "If I had wings" poem.



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We will be moving on to look at formal written methods for multiplication and division, including expanded and short column multiplication and bus stop division. Towards the end of the half term, we will begin looking at fractions, starting with identifying fractions and finding equivalent fractions.




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Thrive lessons will be taught every Friday as a class. We will be calling this "jellyfish time" and it will focus on different areas of social and emotional wellbeing each week.