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Topic Work


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Our driver subject for this half term is history and our topic is the "Groovy Greeks". We will be studying Ancient Greece to see how their culture has impacted on our world today. During this topic, we will be looking at gods and goddesses, the Olympics, Greek theatre and myths and legends from Ancient Greece. 


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Our secondary subject will be PE as we plan to link the Olympic theme to our athletics lessons in preparation for sports day. We will be comparing modern and ancient Olympic sports and training in activities like discus throwing and shotput.






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In our English lessons we will be looking at myths and legends linked to Ancient Greece. We will also be writing playscripts to perform and towards the end of half term we will focus on poetry.



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We will be learning to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks this half term. We will also be looking at shape, position and direction.






Our class focus for thrive sessions during this half term is all about the children's imagination and them expressing their creativity.