What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

We have many strategies in place to support the prevention of bullying of pupils with SEND; children are taught and demonstrate a good understanding of SEND through circle times, assemblies, PSCHE lessons and Restorative Practices. They show a real passion for inclusion driven by the school ethos and are very nurturing of one another.


Within school we have a Learning Mentor, Mrs Vicky Brewins. The Learning Mentor provides support for improving the emotional and social development of all children.  Children benefit from the pastoral support provided by the Learning Mentor on a daily basis; their views are listened to and measures are put in place to ensure they remain happy and healthy young people throughout their school lives. The Learning Mentor will regularly communicate with and support our families. In addition to this, the Learning Mentor educates all children within school on the effects of bullying. We benefit from a ‘Restorative Room’ at break times and lunch times; led by the Learning Mentor. This enables us to prevent bullying. All staff are trained in Restorative Practice, which is very much the ethos of the school. Restorative questioning is used to efficiently and effectively tackle issues within school including bullying.


As a school we may need specialist support for your child. If we feel that the involvement of another agency would be beneficial to help with your child’s needs you will be informed and asked to give your consent. Within school we can make referrals to the Enhanced Mainstream schools (EMS) which provide both in reach and outreach support. These are Specific learning difficulties- Barlby High and Communication and Interaction- Thorpe Willoughby. We can also make referrals to Severe Learning difficulties based at Springwater, Minority Ethnic Achievement- Selby C.P, Autism Spectrum Condition Outreach Support Services, Speech and Language Therapy, Children’s Social Care, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMH’s), Educational Psychologist and SEND information, advice and support service (SENDIASS).


We work in close partnership with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, school nurse, hearing and vision teams.


If you require further support and guidance a SENDIASS Co-ordinator can be contacted through North Yorkshire’s education offices on 01609 536923. The SENDIASS Coordinators can offer impartial information, advice and support for children/young people with SEND as well as their parent/carer; this could include making a home visit to listen to any concerns you may have, or attending meetings with you. They may also be able to put you in touch with other organisations or parent support groups.