Reception 2018-2019

Welcome to Reception!smiley   


Mrs Jules Ayed

Early Years Leader

and Class Teacher – RJA (Rainbows)

Mr Alfie Eke

Class Teacher – RAE (Stars) 

Mr Ryan Snowdon

Teaching Assistant 

RJA (Rainbows)

Mrs Gemma Waring

Teaching Assistant

RAE (Stars) 







Mrs Sue Lord

Teacher -RAE


                             What do we do in Reception?

We have lots and lots of fun and magical learning in a beautiful enabling environment:   a balance of interactive key skills sessions; group interactive activities and dedicated hour long child-led learning through play experiences twice a day.  We are all-weathers, indoors and outdoors every day, with our own wildlife forest right on our doorstep! 


                                                      How can you help? 

We love discovering childrens' interests at home and at school, so please keep us up to date- send us photos, write notes in  planners or send us in for their learning Journeys- or tell us!  We love to hear what children are doing so we can tailor our learning opportunities around them. These unique scrapbooks of verbatim speech and photo trails record this special time in their childhood, and will be treasured memories of your child's time for you to cherish. 


Daily sound practice and daily reading, spend 5-10 minutes quality time (uninterrupted where possible ) every day listening to your child read /sharing a book together- using the reading scheme paper copy and/or our active learning online books and activities that your child can do on a computer or tablet at


(Reading strategies will vary as your child progresses through the various sets. Please ask for tips on how to support this in different ways during the year). 


                                                    Why do we observe? 

We  collect a wide range of observations, photos and videos during children's choosing for learning. This helps us to understand exactly what they already know; their next steps to work on and also contribute to the overall judgements we make against the Early Years Outcomes (link to website below).  You can find photos and observations in  Learning Journeys and on photos/video clips on this page too. 



We inform parents what we are doing  in newsletters, weekly overviews ; facebook; Marvellous Me's, Texts to Parents, planners, and of course face to face . Parent overviews (displayed on each classroom door) include special events; themes; what we will be covering in key skills sessions- eg phonics sounds; maths objectives,  as well as  top tips for extending learning and development and our key focus vocabulary and Books of the Week. 




                                            Online communication

We use text for parents which is an instant messaging service, as well as keeping you posted with special activities and when your child achieves a gold badge. (High five us through our new phone app MARVELLOUS ME  when your child receives a badge!  We also post all Headteacher Awards on facebook as well as wow moments we want to instantly share with you. 


Forest School/ Outdoor Learning 

We love being in nature and fully recognise all the benefits of being outside. We have a lucky to have our own beautiful forest on site; a huge field; a giant trim trail and outdoor play areas to support our learning as much as possible.  In Early Years  we always embrace all weather outdoor experiences and actively encourage risk-taking, which includes climbing; jumping and allowing children to build their own dens using all sorts of woodland treasures to suit their creative play and build up those strong muscles! The wooden trim trail in our main playground  encourages children to use their shoulder muscles,  as well as rolling large tyres; riding bikes and scooters down to the forest and carry large scale guttering and crates  too - this all helps to build up resilience; co-ordination and strength, fine motor skills and prepares us for getting ready to write. 


  • Please make sure your child always has warm clothes in school.
  • Don't forget wellies and waterproof, hooded coats. 
  • Have a bag of spare clothes and footwear in school - just in case! 
  • Although we have wetsuits and aprons available, there are times when  children get so engrossed in their amazing experiences that they may get wet or messy - please be understanding of how important this is for their learning and development!



Please keep visiting  our Early Years page regularly for regular updates! 

                                                                 SUMMER TERM 


This term is all about celebrating ourselves! We share our Learning Journeys and have great fun reminiscing about the photo memories. We talk to our friends about them and then write about our favourite photo memories! 


We spend as much time as possible in our forest, where we can take all our learning through real life experiences. 


Tour De Yorkshire 


When Tour De Yorkshire came to Selby we spent the whole day celebrating. The children made their own mini circuit tour and cycled  round our playground, cheered on by the Early Years with their flags and banners! 


Barwic Beach 


The chidren wanted to go to the seaside in the gorgeus sunshine, so we brought the beach to us instead! We are loving our beach and 'sea' for paddling and experiementing! 





Sunny days in our forest

Winter days in the forest

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Today has been magical. We have had so much fun!


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Minibeast hunt

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The children have taken an interest to all the creepy crawlies that you may find in the forest! So we went on a hunt for them!


Still image for this video

The children brought frozen mint back from the forest to watch the changes as it defrosted. They then decided to add it to our playdough to make it smell nice! Some of them then put the mint in pots of water to watch it grow again! Tomorrow we will talk about what will happen and why.

Our meditation circle

Ewwwww germs!!!

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We teach the children how invisible germs can spread and the importance of 'catching' coughs and sneezes as well as always washing our hands!

Roald Dahl themed Book Week

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George's Marvellous Medicine Show and The Enormous Crocodile Workshop


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With the new year comes lots of exciting adventures and events to look forward to! Officially Winter season, we are on constantly being detectives on snow watch and looking out those miraculous signs of spring. 


Our Books of the Week this half term are all rhyming books by famous author Julia Donaldson. Our first adventure was The Snail and The Whale, which had a fire brigade called to rescue the whale. The children wrote to our local fire service and invited them in to school. We got to sit in the fire engine; listen to the sirens and watch the flashing lights, but the most exciting part was when the hose came out! Mr Eke dressed up as a fireman in the uniform they wear for tackling fires! The children are now eager to explore other people who help us! 



Our second story was The Gruffalo. We had fun drawing and describing the him - there were some very scary pictures! 


The Gruffalo's Child was next, which spookily coincided with the real snow flurries we were lucky to experience. 


We had fun adding our own creatures to join the with and her broomstick in Room On The Broom. 


A Squash And A Squeeze is one of the funniest stories! 


Fire Engine visit



This half-term we started off with a bang celebrating the annual traditional of bonfire night! We did lots of firework painting/chalking and looked at fire safety and the Fire Service.


We explored Remembrance Day through a series of sensitive animation clips and the significance of Poppy Day. These can all  be revisited at home. Cbeebies have a beautifully sensitive short animation which provokes discussion on  and The Piano is a similar animated clip which flashes back to the war time on



We looked at the tradition of Christmas; the nativity story and how we celebrate it around the world. The children retold the story on their own words and performed their unique Nativity in front of all their lovely families. They were incredibly talented and brave! We be decorated our classrooms and have enjoyed  lots of Christmas activities, including having a traditional party and lots of role play being Santa and the elves in his workshop!    

Phase 3 Phonics: we introduced digraphs eg qu, sh, ch, th, ng,  ee, ai , oa, oo, or (two letters that make one sound) and trigraph igh (3 letters that make one sound). We are learning to read and write the tricky words: I , go, no, to, the, into, he, we, she , me be, my and they. 


We go to the forest as much as possible to enjoy using all our senses; looking at the seasonal changes; meditate; sing songs and take risks and problem solve.  


Mr Snowdon ran a Movie Club every Tuesday after school this half term. 


WE would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)  

AUTUMN TERM 1:2 2018


We had a fantastic start to the school year getting to know each other. Some of our new Reception children came to different sessions in our nursery, as well as some children who are completely new to Barwic Parade School, so we staggered transition and our first two weeks were morning only sessions. In Week 1, the children stayed until 12 noon. In Week 2, they enjoyed lunch in the main hall with the rest of school, followed by  joining the rest of school in the big playground and field afterwards for lunchtime play.  The Early Years Team were alongside them throughout the process, making sure everyone had a great time! By Week 3, all the children were ready to stay for the entire school day and in full-time. 


 We have been very busy with our interactive, experiential learning where we take part in meaningful and purposeful play and build up new relationships with adults and peers alike. The children have all settled in extremely well and had a brilliant transition into wider school life.


We have been thinking about our families and friends; all about me; favourite stories; where we live and pets/animals. Our team even visited some children in their homes! We have introduced "Dough Disco" and "Squiggle While You Wiggle " on entry every morning to get us moving, help us to gain co-ordination and support movement for early writing. This helps our brain to make pathways and connnections;  improves our fine motor skills at the same time and is a great fun start to each day!


 "Tapping"  mantras also help the children to centre and be open and ready for learning, as well as "Imagination Meditation"  where the children choose to close their eyes or wear eye masks whilst laying still in a wheel formation on their backs, listening to a 10 minute  audio story adventure. Once this has finished they then are invited to draw  and label what they saw in their minds - then share this with their friends. This is a fantastic mindful and calming session in which the children can escape and use their imagination! 


During freeflow sessions every morning and afternoon, the children in both Reception classes have open access to both indoor classrooms as well as our new outdoor environment. Across our enabling environments, we have a balance of continuous provision and enhancements through additional  activities/resources,   whilst always encouraging our children to lead their play following their own interests.


Once a week, the Year 3/4 classes have been joining Reception to partner up as reading buddies. The Reception children talk about and read their books to their buddies, then enjoy a story from our book corner being read to them by their 3/4 partners in a cosy,  fun place indoor or outdoor. 


We have introduced a Book Of The Week: so far we have had The Stick Man, Stanley's Stick and Room On The Broom.


Mr Eke has Movie Club every Tuesday after school. 


Phase 2 Phonics: We have introduced the sounds and names of letters (capital letters and lower case in cursive and printed form), and accompanying actions for all the letters of the alphabet, as well as how to write a sentence with a capital letter at the start, finger spaces in between words and finishing off each sentence with a full stop or an exclamation mark.


We had our new class photographs taken in the forest and published in Selby Times! 


We had Parents Evenings to discuss how the children are settling in and their individual next steps. 


Please see below for a copy of our latest newsletters which give you lots of information on what we have been learning this term and upcoming events.


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Autumn 1 Newsletter

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