We heart  books and read together every day and at every possible opportunity- anytime and anywhere!  We have a dedicated daily phonics session every morning, learning new sounds and letter names, as well as sight words.


We all have home reading books and these are tailored to our exact reading stages. We encourage children to read little and often every day at home, rewarding everyone who reads 25 times at home with special certificates!


As well as shared reading experiences daily together as a class and in small groups, we also read 1:1 with our children. We can take books anywhere, but we have extra special cosy dens and spaces in every room.    Each class has a class reader alongside stories we read in our Book of The Week and other stories.   


Fridays are focus reading days, in which the Reception children buddy up with Year 5/6 children and enjoy books together. At 3pm every Friday, Nursery and Reception children get together and await a knock on the door from the Secret Storyteller of the week! 



Secret Storyteller every Friday! Cosy spaces and places to enjoy a book.