Piano Lessons

Working with local provider, The Music Rooms, we have Mr McGuinn and Mrs Garrard providing Barwic Parade pupils with weekly piano tuition. Here are some comments for some of our current piano pupils.


Patrick 'I am learning to play tunes, I think I am very good.'


Mya 'I am much better than when I was in Year 1, I have learnt lots of Christmas songs and am now learning 'Mission Impossible' I love it!.'


Amelia 'We play music games at the beginning, they are lots of fun. I can play lots of notes now and am learning to read music too. When i am bigger I want to play lots more.'


Nathan 'I've had a really good experience- the piano teacher is really good. I have learnt a song already off by heart and I play it really well. I would recommend other children to learn the piano because it helps you with your music skills.'


Summer 'We get to learn lots of new songs and our teacher is really good. I think I am getting better and I really want to learn lots more.'


Billy 'I have learnt how to play the piano very clear and fluently (I only make a few mistakes) My Piano teacher is awesome and gives me loads of support. I really enjoy playing the piano.'



Interested? We have spaces available for weekly piano lessons on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Garrard from The Selby Music Rooms.


Please contact the School Office if you want more information or to book your child in. £7 per lesson.