We learn sets of letters in groups- our first group is sS, aA, tT, pP, iI, nN, Mm, dD. We learn an action for each sound and its letter name too. We also learn how to write the capital letter, printed letter and precursive too!

nce we have learned all the letters and their pure sounds, we move onto digraphs and trigraphs. This is phase 3.


These are:  qu, sh, th, ch, ng

                             ai ee igh oa oo  etc 


We use systematic phonics reading books which use the same sets of sounds, along with Espresso Education online and Activelearning online reading schemes. All of these an also be accessed from home. 


When learning a sound we teach the pure sound, accompanied by an action and the lower case letter in print and cursive. We also teach the capital letter alongside.