Our Phonics Journey...

Phase One Phonics - Tuning into Sounds


In Nursery we first explore Phase One of the Phonics learning scheme, Letters and Sounds. In Phase One children are able to develop their speaking and listening skills, through a huge range of activities, which will enable them to embark on the next stage, Phase Two, which is when children begin to learn to read. Below are a few examples of activities that the children have enjoyed within each aspect of Phase One. If you would like some ideas of other activities you can do to support your child's learning at home please ask a member of our team, or take a look at some of the ideas in this document.

Onto Phase Two!


The children have absolutely loved their introduction to Phase Two. In Phase Two letters and the sounds that they make are learned one at a time. We are learning one new sound each week and will be constantly recapping previously learned sounds to ensure they are retained. Check this page each week to see what our new sound is as well as the sounds that we have learned so far.