Our day at school...

Self Register


First the children find their own names and sign themselves in. This term the names have all been put onto the same size card so that the children are able to really focus on the letter shapes in their name. They place them in the tens frame, this helps the children to be able to see how many children are at school that day. One full block is ten children.

"Magic Time"

It really is magic! The children are free to engage in their own play, both inside and outside, uninterrupted for almost two hours. This expanse of time enables them to get fully engrossed and allows them to access deeper levels of learning. Miss Chapman and Miss Birdsall are both on hand to support the children to take their play and learning to the next level, through conversation, showing/modelling and providing additional resources.  

Circle Time


We have a short singing circle time which helps the children in their transition from magic time to tidy up time. They take turns to choose a song from a small selection, which supports the children to understand the concept of turn taking, while the singing supports their phase 1 phonics development.

"It's Time to Put Things Back Where They Belong"


We are wonderful at putting things back in their place, ready for another day. Throughout the session we are getting much better at putting toys back when we have finished with them, so that the toys are safe and ready for someone else to use. We all work as a team to put everything away at the end of the session, while listening to some great music. Just look how brilliant we are!


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Adult-Led Learning


The children are split into two groups for adult-led learning. This is when the children enjoy fun activities, based around phonics, maths, relationships and an enormous range of other areas of learning. This learning takes place both in and outside; have a look at some of the example activities:

Story Time


Every session ends with two story groups. The children get to experience a range of stories as well as a core focus story, which is unpicked and explored in detail over a few weeks. These focus stories are picked in line with children's interests, e.g. the children have expressed an interest in plants that are growing in the forest so we chose 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Titch' to further support their learning in this area.

Lunch Time


Lunch is such a special time for the children. They choose where to sit and have beautifully relaxed conversations with their friends. They are enormously supportive of each other, opening food, pouring drinks, getting paper towels after a spill and encouraging each other to try new things. The children having hot dinners serve themselves and clear everything away when they have finished. Mr Snowdon and Mrs Atkinson are always very impressed when they come to support the children at lunch time.


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