Our Current Learning




Big Journey


Our current Big Journey is called 'Vicious Vikings' where the children will learn about who the Vikings were and where they came from, the life of a Viking, Viking Gods, crime and punishment. We will also be incorporating music and art into our journey. 


Mini Big Journey: RE

This half term, the unit of work we will be teaching a unit called 'What it means to be a Muslim'. We will be looking closely at the similarities and differences between being a Muslim and being a Christian.



From this half term, Science will now be taught as a separate subject from Big Journey but links will still be made where relevant. We will be covering: plants and animals, the human circulatory system, humans developing into old age, fossils, life cycles and classification. All of these units will be revisited throughout the year.




Until the end of SATs, children will now be split into a Year 5 class or a Year 6 class. This is to ensure that the Year 6's have covered the entire curriculum by Easter in time for the Maths tests. After Easter, there should be time for revision lessons. 


Spring 1 Y5 focus: Fractions

Spring 1 Y6 focus: Fractions, decimals, percentages



This half term we will be spending the first two weeks focusing on a narrative: spooky stories. Children will be encouraged to include sophisticated punctuation and active & passive sentences within this piece of writing as these will be a focus each week. 


Week 3 and 4 will be a book/poetry study on 'The Highwayman'. Children will be:

- learning the story,

- identifying similes, metaphors, personification and alliteration used for description,  

- creating a piece of art that links in with the setting of the story, 

- creating wanted posters for the Highwayman, 

- creating newspaper reports using specific features to enhance their writing. 



Mr Morton will continue to lead PE lessons on a Wednesday afternoon. For the Spring Term, he will be focusing on Basketball and Netball in preparation for a competition coming up at Selby High for some of the children.