Our Current Learning


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Big Journey

This year, we will continue teaching Science and our foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Religious Education) using a creative approach.


Our current Big Journey is called 'Mission X' where the children will be training like astronauts, ready to explore space. This will include circuit training like an astronaut would face, planetary research, art opportunities and will even coincide with British Space week in October.



This half term, our science will be delivered through our Big Journey. We will be learning about earth and space but also covering forces, including gravity and air resistance.



This half term in maths, we will primarily be focused on place value. For year 5, this means getting to grips with numbers up to 1 million. Year 6 will revise the skills that they learnt in year 5 and apply these to numbers up to 10 million.


There are some links on our 'Web Links to Support Learning' page that contains some useful websites to help your child with their maths.



This half term we will be writing a newspaper report about Humpty Dumpty after his fall as part of our Thrive week. We will also be using our sentence stacking approach to write a story about a field trip to the moon. In addition, we plan to write balanced arguments about the pros and cons of using animals as part of space exploration and also have a poetry week based on a book called "The Lost Words".