Oral Blending and Segmenting

Oral Blending and Segmenting


We have been practising our blending and segmenting skills. These are essential in the process of reading. We have played lots of exciting games which have developed these important skills!


Cross the River

The children were trapped on one side of the river. They needed a magic object to help them cross without getting wet. The adult segmented (sound talked) the name of an object e.g. c-a-t. The children took turns to blend the sounds together to work out which object they needed to find. Once they had the magic object they needed they could safely cross the river!

Clapping Sounds

Hiding under the fabric were lots of objects. The children took turns to choose one and then tried to segment the objects name, using clapping to help them. For example, the object is a pig, the child would say p-i-g, clapping once for each sound. The children loved getting their friends to join in clapping for their objects. Once we became more confident we tried different actions... stomps, jumps, head pats etc.

Toy Talk

Sam the puppet can only talk in toy talk. The children took turns to ask her lots of questions, e.g. "Do you like running?" or "Do you have a sister?" Sam answered either 'y-e-s' or 'n-o'. The children needed to blend her answers together to work out what she had said. After some practise they started to ask Sam more open questions e.g. "What is your favourite food?" Sam answered 'b-ea-n-s'. The children were fantastic at blending the sounds to find the answer!