Instrumental Sounds

Instrumental Sounds


We have had a very noisy week, developing our awareness of sounds made by a range of instruments. We have become more and more confident over the week in our performances and have been choosing sounds to support our songs and stories.


Musical Show and Tell

The children all chose an instrument and a song to sing to perform to their friends. They played the instruments in lots of different ways, loud, quiet, high up, to the side etc. They all took a bow to show that they had finished and loved it when their friends clapped!

Story Sounds

An adult told a noisy story. The children had to choose instruments to make the sounds needed in the story, for example a rainmaker when it was raining or a drum when the giant was stomping. We also used instruments to support singing nursery rhymes, using a cymbal as a crash when a monkey fell out of bed.


Adjust the Volume

This is a very noisy game! Every child has their own instrument and plays them all at the same time. The children watch the adult carefully, playing their instruments quieter when the adult's arms were down and louder when the adult's arms went up. The the children took turns to be the 'conductor', leading their friends.