Helpful Hints

How can you help? 

We love discovering childrens' interests at home and at school, so please keep us up to date- send us photos, write notes in  planners or send us in for their learning Journeys- or tell us!  We love to hear what children are doing so we can tailor our learning opportunities around them. These unique scrapbooks of verbatim speech and photo trails record this special time in their childhood, and will be treasured memories of your child's time for you to cherish. 


Daily sound practice and daily reading, spend 5-10 minutes quality time (uninterrupted where possible ) every day listening to your child read /sharing a book together- using the reading scheme paper copy and/or our active learning online books and activities that your child can do on a computer or tablet at


(Reading strategies will vary as your child progresses through the various sets. Please ask for tips on how to support this in different ways during the year). 


                                                    Why do we observe? 

We  collect a wide range of observations, photos and videos during children's choosing for learning. This helps us to understand exactly what they already know; their next steps to work on and also contribute to the overall judgements we make against the Early Years Outcomes (link to website below).  You can find photos and observations in  Learning Journeys and on photos/video clips on this page too. 



We inform parents what we are doing  in newsletters, weekly overviews ; facebook; Marvellous Me's, Texts to Parents, planners, and of course face to face . Parent overviews (displayed on each classroom door) include special events; themes; what we will be covering in key skills sessions- eg phonics sounds; maths objectives,  as well as  top tips for extending learning and development and our key focus vocabulary and Books of the Week. 




                                            Online communication

We use text for parents which is an instant messaging service, as well as keeping you posted with special activities and when your child achieves a gold badge. (High five us through our new phone app MARVELLOUS ME  when your child receives a badge!  We also post all Headteacher Awards on facebook as well as wow moments we want to instantly share with you.