Greenpower Goblin G2 Race Car

25th March 2019

Minster FM ran an article about the G2 Goblin Projects, which Barwic Parade and some  of the other Selby schools are taking part in. #goteambarwic

25th March 2019

Make sure you are watching ITV at 6pm tonight !! 


What a day the children have had on our G2 Goblin Car project. Filming for ITV Calendar, meeting VIPs from Drax Power and Selby College and continuing their build. 

Picture 1

18th March 2019 - Selby College

Today, was an import day with 5 of our Year 5 children ready to unpack and conduct an audit of all our Goblin Car Kit at Selby College.


Oakley, Tyler, Esme, Lacey, Alex and William were specially chosen for the job. Miss Dixon took the children to Selby College where they accounted for each and every nut and bolt.


Miss Dixon said Oakley came in for a special mention as he was meticulous in checking off each and every item. Unfortunately, as with most put it together yourself packs, we were missing an item - part KMF9705-P009, so we are now waiting for this to arrive - but the project has now officially begun.




Greenpower Goblin G2 18/03/2019