Environmental Sounds

Environmental Sounds


We have been developing our listening skills by tuning in to sounds that we hear all around us. We have played lots of games and have shared our favourite sounds.


What’s in the Box? 

Hiding in this box are lots of noisy things… They made noises and the children had to guess what was inside. The children even took turns to lead the game, creating their own sounds.

Drumming Outdoors

We used sticks and boomwhackers to drum on different objects outside. We drummed in lots of different ways, loud, fast, slow etc. We then chose our favourite objects to drum with and drum on and tried to explain why.

What’s that Sound?

This is a great interactive game on ‘PhonicsPlay’ in the Phase 1 section. Each bubble has a different sound inside. The children loved pressing the bubbles and guessing what the sound could be.