Emergency Childcare Request form for week commencing 13th July

Please tell us what emergency childcare you would like us to consider for week commencing 13th July 2020. Once we have considered all needs we will confirm to you by email what support we can offer.

If you are a key worker and have no alternative you can turn to North Yorkshire County Council for emergency weekend or bank holiday childcare support. This centralised hub service will provide up to 20 places per day. Parents will be asked to provide all food, nappies and any other consumables for their children. Parents are also expected to be able to get their child to and from the hub as support with transport cannot be provided.


Your nearest emergency childcare hub is at Barlby Bridge Community Primary School. If you are a key worker critical to the COVID-19 response, and you have no alternative to seek support for Bank Holidays or weekends you can request a place using the link below.