Current Learning: Autumn term 2021


In English this half term, we will be sentence stacking a story based on the picture book 'Field Trip to the Moon'. We will also be writing some non-fiction and poetry, some of which will be based around our key authors of each month. For September, this will be Roald Dahl; for October it will be Michael Rosen.






In maths this half term, we will be starting with work on place value. Children in year 5 will be working with numbers up to 1 million. Children in year 6 will be working with numbers up to 10 million. We will be ordering, comparing, rounding and identifying the value of digits within these numbers. We will also be looking briefly at roman numerals.

It is imperative that all children know their times tables as this will help scaffold their learning and progress. All children have login details for Math Shed and Times Table Rock Stars. These websites will help children to learn their times tables at home, as well as in school. 






Children will have 2 science lessons per week and each week will focus on a particular topic. Each topic will then be revisited at certain points throughout the year in order to deepen the learning and create links between all areas of science. 


This half term the children will start off by looking at how humans develop over time and describing the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. They will then be moving onto to looking at the process of reproduction in plants and animals, as well as looking at how living things change over time (specifically looking at fossils). Finally, to finish off the half term they will be comparing and grouping together every day materials, focusing on their hardness, solubility, conductivity and their response to magnets.  






This year, history and geography lessons will be alternated each week and, like with science, topics will be revisited at regular intervals throughout the year rather than being taught in blocks. This is to allow for deeper connections to be made and to strengthen retention in long term memory.

This term in history, we will be learning about the Victorians, Tudors and the Ancient Mayans. We will be studying their place in history, their conflicts, inventions and ways of life. 






This term in geography, we will be looking to develop our map skills, including the use of grid references. We will be learning about ocean currents and the role they place in the world's climate and will also be studying the desert and ice biomes of the world. This will involve looking at their locations, physical features, diversity and the processes involved in creating such areas. We will also be taking part in more of our Barwic Globetrotter experiences. Keep and eye out for our next location coming soon!