Current Learning: Autumn 1 2020



This half term we will begin by focusing on place value.  The children will be:

·  Reading and understanding the value and position of numbers to 10 million.

· Ordering and comparing numbers.

· Rounding to the nearest 10 and up to 100,000

· Negative numbers.


We will then be moving onto the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children will be taught how to use the column method and the bus stop method to solve fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. There will be plenty of opportunity for children to practice their skills and master how to answer questions that are presented in a variety of different ways.


It is imperative that all children know their times tables as this will help scaffold their learning and progress. All children have login details for Maths Shed and Rockstars Times Tables. These websites will help children to practice their times tables at home, as well as in school.  



Every week each class will be completing two Science lessons, they will focus on a specific topic for two weeks and then move onto a new topic. Each topic will be revisited at certain points throughout the year. 


This half term the children will start off by looking at how humans develop over time and describing the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. They will then be moving onto to looking at the process of reproduction in plants and animals, and looking at how living things change over time (specifically looking at fossils). Finally, to finish off the half term they will be looking at comparing and grouping together every day materials, focusing on their hardness, solubility, conductivity and their response to magnets.  

History & Geography

We will be alternating our Geography and History lessons from now on, the children will spend two weeks on a topic (within History and Geography) and then move onto a new one, but topics will be revisited at different points throughout the year. 


This half term in History the children will be learning about the main events within World War Two and how the war began. They will then move onto looking at the Aztecs, specifically focusing on describing and investigating their settlements. 


This half term in Geography the children will start off with some map work, looking at the features of a map and using four/six figure grid references. They will also be looking at ocean currents and explaining the impact that they have. 



Indoor PE - Health and fitness with Mr Morton (focusing on team building and healthy living)


Outdoor PE - Real PE - Unit 5 (Health and fitness, stance and footwork)