March to July 2020

Barwic Parade Community Primary School closed on Friday 20th March until Tuesday 2nd June 2020, following the Government's decision to declare a National Lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19.

During the National lockdown Barwic Parade Community Primary School continued to provide emergency daily childcare to 18 Key Worker families. We also supported 90 families who qualified for Free School Meals on economic grounds by providing a daily grab bag meal. Miss Dixon, Headteacher and Mrs Morris, Parent Support Advisor, provided practical and emotional support and advice to our families in greatest need. On 2nd June, Barwic Parade Community Primary School were happy to reopen to children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. On 29th June, Barwic Parade Community Primary School started to welcome back pupils from across all Year groups.


September to December 2020

When considering the schools reopening to all pupils a thorough risk assessment and review process was completed, taking on board all of our learning from our summer term. We were delighted to start the new academic year with all children returning to school on 9th September 2020.


January to March 2021

In line with the Government's National Lockdown, Barwic Parade Community Primary School once again closed to the majority of students on 5th January 2021. We continued to support on average 40-50 pupils per day in school with the rest of our pupils learning from home with the support of their teachers and support staff. School reopened to all children on Monday 8th March 2021.


September 2021

In September 2021, school started the new school year without 'bubbles' and with a more normal feel to school life. We were delighted to be able to plan school trips, hold whole school assemblies and once again invite parents into school. Parents evening appointments were held virtually as Covid-19 case numbers in our area remained high.


December 2021

Following new Government guidance on the discovery of the Omicron variant, here in school we started to reflect and reintroduce control measures such as face masks, separate staff rooms and further consultation with stakeholders about school events etc.


January 2022

In response to the surge of Omicron cases, once again Barwic Parade Community Primary School responded and reintroduced restrictions and control measures for 4th January 2022, in line with the Government's Plan B. 


A copy of our latest risk assessment can be found below. Our risk assessment is reviewed when any relevant Government guidance is updated.

Catch Up

Covid-19 has impacted on all our lives. There are many positive stories coming from lockdown and we need to celebrate these with our young children. We also need to be mindful that many pupils have not been in school since March and the impact that this will have had on their education, emotional wellbeing and readiness to learn. Many of the children received home schooling and the school provided lessons through paper packs (where needed) and google classroom. However, it is important to remember that children, due to home circumstances, will not have received the same quality of education, consistently and as thoroughly as if they had been in school being taught during this time. Barwic Parade is an area of high deprivation and some families have struggled to engage with the home learning especially as the weeks of lockdown continued.  Anxieties about the virus are an on-going worry and supporting families remains our focus.  


We know that due to the missed learning there will be challenges in supporting these children to ‘catch up’. We strive as always to ensure that “Every Child Matters and Every Moment Counts” We are committed to serving our community and working together to ensure that our children and families achieve success.  


From 8th March 2021, Barwic Parade will be delivering a variety of additional learning sessions after school  to strengthen key skills in Maths and English.

What is school like now?

We have

  • changed our lunchtime routines, allocating dedicated staff to each bubble, helping to ensure everyone gets a hot meal 
  • strengthened our cleaning and hand hygiene routines
  • discouraged unplanned visitors on site
  • used technology to facilitate meetings and CPD where possible
  • closed the School Office to parents
  • promoted the use of face coverings and social distancing on our school site


School will only allow essential visitors into the school building. To learn more about our Essential Visitor Protocol please take look at our guide below.


We encourage our team to have their PE lessons outdoors as much as possible, providing the environment is safe. From 2nd November 2020, we are asking children to come to school in their PE kit on the days that they would have PE. Our PE kit consists of:-

  • An appropriate plain white, red or blue t-shirt (no printed t-shirts) - Barwic Parade PE T-shirts are available to buy from Classroom Clothing in Selby – available from ages 3 up to 14 years, with adult sizes available too. Prices from £6 each
  • Black jogging or tracksuit bottoms – no shorts or leggings please
  • Trainers
  • Black sweatshirt or hoodie

Timekeeping is really important

It is critical that your child arrives at the right time for school. This is to ensure that high levels of safety are maintained for adults and children alike. We also don't want them to miss out on any of their valuable learning time.

Home Learning

Since September 2020, home learning is no longer 'optional'. If your child is unable to attend school they must complete all learning that is set. Miss Dixon is keen to ensure that all children can continue to learn at home. To read more about our Home Learning please click on the link below.


During this uncertain period, we will use our Text Message service, MarvellousMe and Facebook for communication, so when you get an alert, please read the messages carefully. Please tell us immediately if you have a new mobile telephone number to ensure that we can keep you informed of any new developments and information.

Below are more useful links to information that relate to schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What if there is a positive case in school?

We will very much work with North Yorkshire County Council and the local Public Health Team to assess the risk to others in school. Public Health will review our risk assessment and provide guidance about what steps are needed to protect others. We will at all times act in a transparent way with our whole school community. 

What if things escalate in our community?

Barwic Parade Community Primary School will follow the guidance provided by North Yorkshire County Council and Central Government. Should the number of cases grow in our local community, which means Selby moves up the Government's 'tiers of intervention', here in school we would start to review and further consider things such as

  • elongating our school day further
  • reducing the size of our bubbles
  • pausing non essential services
  • consider taking lunches in classrooms
  • amending our allocation of spaces 

Face Coverings

From December 2021, we encourage all parents/carers to wear a face covering when coming to drop off and collect your child. Staff also where face coverings when in communal areas of school such as corridors and the school hall.

Team Barwic is proud to belong

We'd like to thank you all for your continued support. The dedicated team at school hugely appreciates it. Whatever challenges we may face we will meet these together. Please stay safe.