Autumn 2018

When the Nursery "flooded"...

We all stuck together on our boat!
We swam through the water.
We built a wall to keep our boat dry.

When the animals moved in...

"Horses got lots of food."
"The rhino in there so he can't eat the others."
"He likes sunny outside."
"I want to make a horse"..."You go ya! ya!"
"They need some grass!"
"The lolly sticks will stop the animals escaping"
"Come look guys, it's fantastic!"
It really was fantastic!

When the fabric appeared...

"I can save you!"
"We getting married!"
"This farm's even bigger!"
"He's poorly. I'll make him better!"

When we're cleaning windows...

The children love to care for their environment.
They noticed that the windows were dirty.
They found some sponges...
...and soapy water.
They problem solved to reach higher.
Look how much fun they had!

When the puddle appeared...

The children made a bridge across the puddle.
She put the Boomwhacker into each crate.
"open... close..."
"This boat needs a paddle!"

When we got inventive with snack...

"I making wemonade!"
The children made juice and lemonade.
They used the fruit from snack.
They squeezed the fruit into the water.
And also let the fruit sit in the water.
"It tasty!"

When the bamboo appeared...

"A house"
"We're making a fire"
"We're making a house for the little pigs...
"but the wolf is going to blow it down!"
Working as a team to make a roof.
"Giddy up!"
Using the bamboo to make splashes.
"It looks like a flower"
"We need some leaves to make a tree"

When we got spotty for Children in Need...

When some fantastic parents made us a fairy house...

When we took new things to the forest...

We worked as a team.
"This can be the door."
"Knock knock, let me in!"
"This is the living room"
"This is the kitchen"
"Look, I'm on 3 crates. That's our special number!

When Ikea brought us some presents...

We were so excited to get our presents from Ikea!
"I making a bed."
"I making a bed, it's really comfy!"
"I trying to make a house for the teddies."

When we created our own North Pole...