Our day at school...

Self Register


First the children find their own names and sign themselves in. This term the names have all been put onto the same size card so that the children are able to really focus on the letter shapes in their name. They place them in the tens frame, this helps the children to be able to see how many children are at school that day. One full block is ten children.

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Picture 2

Indoor Child-led Choosing for Learning


The first half an hour is purely for child-led, uninterrupted play. It is during this time that the children check in with each other and we see some beautiful, purposeful and co-operative play in all areas of the provision.

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Adult-led Learning Time


After some choosing time the children join the carpet for some adult-led learning. The time for this varies as the children are often so engrossed in purposeful play that we feel it is best to continue to support their play. 


Miss Chapman's group

The older children stay inside and learn key skills in phonics and number through fun games, songs and practical activities. 


Miss Birdsall's group

Outside, the younger children are able to explore and play as a whole group, learning how to support each other and consider each other's ideas and needs. 

Picture 1 Using dances to support letter formation.
Picture 2 How many 5s can you find?
Picture 3 Drawing our experiences.
Picture 4 How many different ways can you make 6?
Picture 5 Mark making inside a den.
Picture 6 Demonstrating our 'Give me 5' rules.
Picture 7 What can you find that begins with 't'?
Picture 8 How many spots on the ladybird?
Picture 9 Can you find an 8 in our classroom?
Picture 10 Working as a team to build.
Picture 11 Developing spatial awareness.
Picture 12 Using shapes for a purpose.
Picture 13 Cooperative play.
Picture 14 Building for a purpose.
Picture 15 Working together to maintain our environment.

Child-led Choosing for Learning (Indoor and Outdoor)


Outside is open! The children love to explore the outdoor area, where they can interact with children from Reception as well as others from Nursery. Outside the children are free to develop an understanding of risky play, building and playing on a much bigger scale than when inside. During this time the children can choose if they would like to go outside or stay inside, where a range of different resources are available to be played with. 

Picture 1 Large scale mark making aids muscle development.
Picture 2 Making a menu for the mud kitchen.
Picture 3 We loved the huge box!
Picture 4 Testing our muscles out, sweeping away the puddle.
Picture 5 Just look at the concentration!
Picture 6 A playdough creature...
Picture 7 Working together to change the environment.
Picture 8 "Look at my jungle"
Picture 9 Making cakes in the mud kitchen.
Picture 10 "I Batman!"
Picture 11 The children make their own playdough.
Picture 12 Combining resources in role play.
Picture 13 Sorting and arranging.
Picture 14 What a brilliant car!
Picture 15 Bath time for the baby.
Picture 16 Fine motor development.
Picture 17 Experimenting with water play.
Picture 18 "Do you want to come to our cafe?"

Circle Time


We have a short singing circle time which helps the children in their transition from choosing to tidy up time. They take turns to choose a song from a small selection, which supports the children to understand the concept of turn taking, while the singing supports their phase 1 phonics development. 

"It's Time to Put Things Back Where They Belong"


We are wonderful at putting things back in their place, ready for another day. Throughout the session we are getting much better at putting toys back when we have finished with them, so that the toys are safe and ready for someone else to use. We all work as a team to put everything away at the end of the session, while listening to some great music. Just look how brilliant we are!