Our Current Learning

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Big Journey

This year, we will continue teaching Science and our foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Religious Education) using a creative approach.


Our current Big Journey is called 'Keep Calm and Carry On!' We will be learning all about World War 2 - beginning with the declaration of war in September 1939 and working through different major events, eventually reaching Victory in Europe Day at the end of the war. Just after half term, Year 5/6 will be visiting Eden Camp Museum to see some artefacts from the war.



This half term, our science will be delivered as a mini-Big Journey. We will be learning about how light travels and how it helps us see. We will be investigating a crime using our new skills.



This half term we are working on place value and the four operations. Year 5/6 will learn and practice a range of skills including:


  • Rounding numbers up to 10 million
  • Negative numbers
  • Roman numerals
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers up to 1 million


There are some links on our 'Web Links to Support Learning' page that contains some useful websites to help your child with their maths.



This half term we will be studying explanation texts. We will be learning about some of Wallace and Gromit's Cracking Contraptions and then creating one of our own and writing a text to explain how it works.


We will also be working on our descriptive skills, and writing part of a story based on 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie.