Forest Schools

Friday 3rd March

We were very excited about our first Forest School session! We had lots of fun. We started off our session with some meditation and played some fun games. Our favourite game was "Corners." Then we had some free time where we explored new tools such as spades, rope and tarpaulin. Using these tools we were able to make dens, shelters and swings and we used the spades to dig lots of holes!


Photographs coming soon!

Friday 10th March

Today we started our session with some meditation whilst focussing on shells. We had to focus on the colour, shape and texture of the shell and observe it from different perspectives. After that we took part in some drama activities. The first activity involved working in partners where one person was "clay" and their partner was the "sculptor." The sculptor had to "mould" the "clay" into different shapes. Next we took part in our first team-building exercise. We had to work as a team to use our bodies to create different shapes. We had so much fun and at the same time we learnt about the important skills that are needed to work successfully as a team.


Photographs coming soon!

Friday 17th  March

This week we made dens to shelter ourselves from the rain! We used tarpaulin, rope and applied our knot tying skills. Then, we used equipment on site to create living spaces for our dens.

Friday 24th March

Today we played one of our favourite games - Animal Hunt! Then we got into our teams and did a team-building activity where we had to transfer a ball to a bucket without touching it with our hands and feet! It was challenging but we communicated well and came up with some fantastic ideas! The activity we really enjoyed today was climbing trees! We discussed safety and instructions before having a go at climbing and sitting in trees. It was a first-time experience for a lot of us!