Class 5/6W

Welcome to 5/6W


The 5/6W Team

Miss Wright - Class Teacher

Mrs Snowdon - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Somers-Joce will be teaching our class on Thursday afternoon and will be joining us for maths lessons 4 mornings a week.



Big Journey

This year, we will be teaching Science and our foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology and Religious Education) using a creative approach. In our opening Big Journey, we are working towards a 'Fabulous Finish' of a Mayan banquet. On our journey, we will learn about all of the information we need in order to make our banquet as authentically Mayan as possible.




After our Maya Big Journey, we will complete a 'Mini Big Journey' focussed on the science unit Earth and Space. Watch this space for more information!




This half term we will begin by focussing on place value.  The children will be reading and understanding the value and position of numbers up to 10 million, ordering, comparing and rounding.

We will also begin to start looking at the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in greater depth.




This half term we will be studying non-chronological reports, looking at the features  and using them to write our own.

We will also be looking at science fiction stories to link to our Earth and space topic later in the half term.



Class Book

Our new class book is Room 13. The children voted for this book in the first week of the school year in our 'World Cup of Books' competition. 24 books were pitted against each other, but Room 13 came out victorious!



Days to make a note of



Maths skills assessment. Assessments will be marked and sent home with answer sheets to support learning.



PE day. Please make sure the appropriate kit is in school.



Grammar Hammer assessment. Assessments will be marked and sent home with answer sheets to support learning.



Homework will be sent home on Fridays and will be due back in after the weekend on the Monday. It will either be related to maths, or to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.



Please note that children should be wearing completely black shoes or trainers to school each day, as per the school uniform policy.





To support with changes to the PE timetable during some half terms, we ask if indoor and outdoor PE kits are brought into school on Mondays and returned home on Fridays. Please ensure your child has appropriate kit and footwear. As per the school policy, this includes a white t-shirt, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms and trainers or pumps. Children who do not have kit in school will be asked to wear spare kit.


If children wear earrings, they must be able to withdraw them before the lesson as we cannot cover them up with plasters or surgical tape. Children are still susceptible to injury even when covered. If your child has recently had their ear pierced and require healing time, could you please send a letter with your child, including date of piercing, to excuse them from the lesson(s). If you are planning for your child to have their ear pierced in the future, please consider the above information with regards to missing PE sessions.