Class 5/6HW

Welcome to 5/6HW



This term we will be focussing on Romans . Our topic work will include: the Roman Invasion of Britain; the Roman army; the differences between land use in the UK in Roman times and land use now; Roman food; what the Romans did for us and will include a school visit to a local area of significance in the Roman period (for example, a trip to Eboracum).




This term we will be completing our studies on electricity - including an exciting experiment - and then moving on to think about different materials and their properties. This will involve some more practical activities - dissolving, melting and evaporating all appear in this area of science!




Year 5 will be learning about the different areas of geometry (shapes and their properties, how to draw and measure angles) and about measures (including finding the perimeter and area of different shapes). 


Year 6 are currently revising hard for their SATs tests during the week beginning May 8th. Once they have taken their tests, their maths work will involve applying their skills in more practical ways to solve problems.




This half term, we are thinking about developing our descriptive writing to make our characters and story settings as interesting and realistic as possible. After the half term break, we will be looking at modern classic fiction - focussing on Harry Potter and the magical world he lives in.



Days to make a note of



5/6HW will have PE each Monday afternoon.



Spellings to be learnt are set and pupils are tested the following Tuesday.

Maths skills assessment. Assessments will be marked and sent home with answer sheets to support learning.



Grammar Hammer assessment.



Y6 set homework from revision guides.


Reading records are monitored throughout the week. Please make sure that they are brought to school every day.



To support with changes to the PE timetable during some half terms, we ask if indoor and outdoor PE kits are brought into school on Mondays and returned home on Fridays. Please ensure your child has appropriate kit and footwear. As per the school policy, this includes a white t-shirt, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms and trainers or pumps.


If children wear earrings, they must be able to withdraw them before the lesson as we cannot cover them up with plasters or surgical tape. Children are still susceptible to injury even when covered. If your child has recently had their ear pierced and require healing time, could you please send a letter with your child, including date of piercing, to excuse them from the lesson(s). If you are planning for your child to have their ear pierced in the future, please consider the above information with regards to missing PE sessions.