Children's University

As some of you may be aware, Selby Community Primary School is a local Children's University. Barwic Parade, along with some other Primary Schools in the area are one again joining together to give the children the opportunity to become a member of the Children’s University.


The Children's University is a national project which aims to raise children’s self-esteem, aspirations and achievements.


We aim to encourage our children to try new experiences; develop new interests; discover unknown talents, acquire new skills and hone existing ones.


On joining the University the children will receive both a paper passport and an e-passport. Then all your child has to do is attend validated clubs either in school or in the local community.


Each time your child attends a validated club for an hour (either in school or in the community) they will receive a stamp in their passport. Throughout the year these stamps are added up and if they achieve a minimum of 30 points they will be invited to a graduation ceremony to receive their certificate in caps and gowns!


We aim to have all our clubs in school validated. If your child attends an out of school club such as brownies or boxing please could you pass us their details so we can talk to them and hopefully validate them so they can become learning destinations. To see the community clubs which are learning destinations please see the Children's University website. There is a link at the bottom of this page.


The cost of becoming a member of the Children’s University is £5 and it is currently open to all Key Stage 2 children. The membership cost is renewable when the passport becomes full (on average this is 18 months).


For up-to-date information follow us on twitter @selbycu or facebook Selby Children’s University.


On Monday 13th July 2015 we (Lilly Powell (4L), Anna Motyl (4L), Tom Powell (5W), Georgia Wray (5W)) all went to Selby College to graduate for all our hard work with Children’s University. We enjoyed wearing the caps and gowns and it was fun eating the snacks. In the photograph you can see us all throwing our caps up in the air. Eden Taylor-Draper who plays Belle Dingle in Emmerdale gave us our certificates and we were lucky enough to have a photo taken with her.


It’s really easy to be part of this; all you have to do is go to lots of different clubs and learning destinations BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE YOUR PASSSPORT WITH YOU!!!!! It’s really fun going to different clubs and it’s great that you can get a certificate and a badge at the end. We really hope that more people join Children’s University next year and hopefully more children will graduate. We are aiming for Gold Certificates next time if you want to join, ask us for more information. It was fun!!!!!


Lilly and Anna - Year 4